ICM Week 1


I used eyedropper tool  to figure out the rgb of all the colors.

Then I use photoshop to calculate the pixel of the circle the line and the square (width & height). I made canvas in Photoshop just the same size as the one in P5.js. And created the shapes to see the pixels of each.

Tip: I forgot to use rectMode to draw the square. I clicked into my classmates’ assignments and found if I use rectMode, it would be easier to calculate.

How computation applies to my interest.

My background is advertising and marketing. I do enjoy giving proposals and thinking creatively. In 2017, I anticipated the Cannes Lions, which is a festival for the advertising and creative industry. When I witnessed how technology changed the normal way advertising worked and how fancy it could be when art combined with tech, I found it was time to learn computation.

I enjoy exhibitions. Last year, I worked as an experience designer in a muti-media studio, and worked on curating severl exhibitions. (Mostly writing decks tho) Then I found my passion on making my idea come true. Like, using computation to work it out instead of endless communications with other colleagues. And maybe that’s why I’m here at ITP.