Pcomp Week3

Analog Output

I was so excited in week2, cause finally, my circuits worked, in week3 however everything seemed to go back to the very beginning. I could not upload codes to the nano board. I used the multimeter to test the voltage value in the circuit, it turned out to be 3.23. Which means there was electricity flow in the circuit. Then, maybe the nano board could not work.

So I used UNO. At first, I did not understand how the sensors worked with the microcontroller, after appointing office hour and adjusting the wires, I realized the microcontroller tested the voltage value to the sensor’s circuit.

Tone Output

It’s quite interesting to use the speaker as an output, though it sounds really bad… It took me a while to figure out how to solve the problem of noise. delay() is an important function to be used while coding.

Servo Motor Control