Time – NewYork Sunrise

For the final project, I made a Sunrise box to mimic the real-time in New York. Due to the time difference, the Time class was given at midnight in Beijing. From the first class, I was thinking about how to make another Sun for myself. One day I found a flashlight was really great to show the light of the Sun, I decided to change it and let it light up at the same time as New York sunrise.

There used to be 3 modes, high light, low light, and flash. But I only want the high light mode. I wired the VCC&GND to a relay for controlling it easily with a microcontroller. Then I added a DS1302 module to get it run based on real-time. I also want to use an LCD screen to show the time.

A sunMoon library should work perfectly for this project, but I failed to use it, so I used another one, and I posted it at the end of the blog. It’s about using the latitude and longitude to calculate the time of Sunrise with it.


My LCD1602 is wired with a I2C module.



I made a paper box to test how it would look like. But I was not satisfied with the output, it was like a cheap projector. And I also want to add some elements of New York. Then what about hiding the flashlight in a painting. The light spot will look like a Sun inside of the painting but shiny enough to light my room as well.

Alina helped me with fabrication.

Finished work!

The Arduino Code