Time – sketch2

Moon Rabbit

Class on week4 was taken on the night of Mid-autumn festival according to Chinese lunar calendar. In a lot of folks in east asia, rabbit is corresponded with the moon. ‘An early Chinese source called the Chu Ci, a Western Han anthology of Chinese poems from the Warring States period, notes that along with a toad, there is a hare on the Moon who constantly pounds herbs for the immortals. As rabbits were not yet introduced to China during Western Han, the original image was not a rabbit but a hare.’ —– wikipedia

Then I wanted to make a rabbit pounding herbs on the moon, with the rabbit moving every second to present time. At first, I tried to use p5.js to draw the rabbit, while found it would be so complicated with the curves. So I drew a rabbit on photoshop, later loaded the image to p5.

Link to Code: https://editor.p5js.org/CastaZ/sketches/OpWs72kui

Day and Night of the Forbidden city

As it gets cooler, Beijing becomes prettier which intrigues me to draw a sketch of the Forbidden City.

Link to Code: https://editor.p5js.org/CastaZ/sketches/a6Y5BJ2UP