Time – sketch1

Plant the sun

Plant the sun is a famous nursery rhyme in China. Here’s the lyric:

Oh I have one, one wish in my mind
When I grow that I can plant the sun
I'll just plant one, no need for a ton
It will bear more and more suns as we want
Hang one over, over the North Pole
And another over Antartica
And we plant one in the winter time
And the night hours will never ever be long
La la la oh plant the sun
La la la oh plant the sun
La la la la la la la la plant the sun
When that day should come, every cornor in our world
They would all become, they would all become
So warm and so fun

Due to the time difference, this course is taking on 12:10 a.m.~2:40 a.m. in my time zone. Every night during Time class, this song ‘plant the sun’ will reflect on my mind. So I paint a drawing to express my feelings. Wish I could ‘make’/fake a sun for myself at the end of the semester.