TIME – Expiry date

How I feel the change of time.




Instead of tracking the change of the sun or moon, I put an eye on a piece of leaf in my bedroom. The mouth of the bottle is too small so that the leaf couldn’t get enough air to breathe. It died in a few days, which makes me think of one feature we feel the time is that things will get old, will expire or die someday in the future.

The pot and clock being used for more than 30 years in my grandparents’ home

Sep.19th, I went back to Shenyang to attend my cousin’s wedding and got to visit my grandparents. My grandpa was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease in 2013. Since then, every tik-tok seems like a countdown to his life. His memory vanished gradually, and he barely knows anyone now. I find that the expiry date is always earlier than the exact date of expiring. Then what about people? Is there an expiry date before death?