Tree of Moments

Tree of Moments is a public installation connecting strangers in the city.

In a city molded from the starkness of reinforced concrete, people cluster geographically, but their souls drift farther apart. In this dense urban forest, we seem like solitary trees, each existing in isolation. Yet in nature, trees aren’t isolated entities; they form a vast, interconnected super-organism. Absent is the concept of “separation” in the natural woods. Like trees drawing life from the forest floor, every tale of love, sorrow, and joy becomes the chronicle time pens for us. These narratives shape our identities, revealing us to ourselves and to others.

Envision a tree as a sanctuary in the heart of the city, growing with every story shared. Beneath its boughs, people inscribe their treasured moments, and in exchange, they pluck story-leaves left by others, forging new emotional connections. A live counter captures the increasing number of shared tales, marking the ceaseless growth of this story-rich tree. More than just a monument of memories, this living sculpture serves as a reminder that, even in a world that feels disconnected, the threads of human connection are interwoven ceaselessly.

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