Tree of Moments

Tree of Moments is a public installation connecting strangers in the city.

The reinforced concrete forest-like modern city gathers people geographically, but the distance from the heart is getting farther and farther. We are like separate pieces in a dense forest.
Trees live and grow independently.
The word “separation” does not exist for forests at all. The natural forest must be a super-organism in which every.
Individuals interact and connect all the time. Like the ever-growing trees sucking nutrients from the forest, every story that happens to us, or love, or
Sadness, or joy, is the autobiography that time has written for us. These stories give us a clear understanding of who I am and also give others a clear understanding of who I am.

We hope to use the tree as the image to build a time-reserving station for people in the city. It grows with the stories shared by the participants. 

People write down their cherished moments of life under the tree and then pick up the story leaves left by others in exchange for a new emotional level. The on-site counting screen will record and update the number of participants in real-time, witnessing the continuous growth of this tree full of stories. This cultural sculpture composed of human life memories is just a metaphor, which reminds us that the connection between people is happening all the time.

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